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Responsive Website

We strive to make each website fully optimal from a user's point of view. Right and intuitive navigation, intelligent search engine, efficient work of all elements on the website as well as clear graphics will help your clients find the information they need. Thanks to us, your website will effectively advertise you as a trustworthy and efficient businessman and will increase your profits.

All websites designed by Graffstudio Ltd.™ are made with accordance to the Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology. It is a technique of designing a website is such way that its look and layout automatically adjusts to the size of the device's screen on which the website is displayed. (e.g. smartphones or tablets). A website made with the use of this technique is versatile and displays well on large screens (e.g. Full HD) as well as on smartphones or tablets.

Create your own visual identification with Graffstudio Ltd.™

Visual identification

The first impression is the most important. Accessories with a logo of your company are really helpful in building the first impression. They shape the image – so much wanted in 21st century. Only those companies which stand out against others have the chance to become known in the market.

We design modern visual identification that distinguishes a company or a product against other competitive brands. We create company's visual identity with the help of such elements as: a logo, visiting cards, clothes with imprints, car stickers, advertising banners and gadgets, promotional materials, websites and online shops.

Create your own advertising materials with Graffstudio Ltd.™

Print Advertising

Despite more and more modern advertising technologies being in use, printing remains important. We can effectively design a leaflet, a brochure, a catalog, a calendar, a folder and many others. We will print all of these on a high-quality paper or some other carrier. Each product we design will match your company's politics and the applied ideas will attract a number of clients.

As part of our complete design service, we look after all your printing requirements. We make sure all artwork is created in the right format, managing the process all the way to delivery of the finished product.

Create your own online store with Graffstudio Ltd.™

Online Stores

How to display products in order to increase their sales? Online stores that we design will allow you to enter the e-commerce market, satisfy your clients and make you money. All this with an intuitive system that allows to quickly and efficiently update the sales offer. Our stores are characterized by clear structure so everyone can easily find a product they are interested in. A client can make a transaction using cash, payment cards or bank transfers. All options are highly secure and reliable.

A well-designed online sales system will allow you to maximize revenues and increase the number of your existing customers.

Seo Positioning with Graffstudio Ltd.™

Seo Positioning

Creating your own website is not everything. You can have the most beautiful website in the Internet but if you do not display it properly your efforts will be pointless. You won't reach a client if he or she can't find you. In the Internet the most important thing is to make your website visible. Internet users, when looking for products or services visit only the first few websites they found.

The conclusion is obvious – one of the most basic aims of your website should be to make it distinguished through a position in the search engine. Your potential client must find you without any problems, no matter what word he or she types in Google. The fastest way to reach this goal is to position your website.

Create your own social media with Graffstudio Ltd.™

Social Media

Nowadays, social media can shape the mass consciousness. An interesting meme or a shocking news can spread at light speed. It is advisable to take advantage of this new space for communication and use it for integrated marketing actions. How to do it properly? We have our ways!

Social Media is one of the first places most people look when researching a company, business or service. Social media marketing shows your personality, your expertise and gives an insight into your culture, offering an invaluable chance to generate great online PR and digital marketing. As a communications agency, we know that social media marketing is so much more than simply having a Facebook or Twitter account though, it’s about ensuring you’re blogging engaging content, you’re boosting posts with social media advertising tools and regular reporting on your social standing to boost ROI. This is the in-depth, considered and creative service that Graffstudio provides.

Create your car stickers with Graffstudio Ltd.™


A car is a perfect advertisement carrier. When driving through a city, the car is visible not only to other drivers but also to pedestrians. Advertising on a car reminds each of them about the company's existence and well-being. It also attracts new clients who, seeing cars with your advertisement get used to the company's name or brand of a given product and, at the same time, they know that the company operates in their area which creates additional chief assets and increases credibility.

Covering a company car with stickers brings huge profits when compared to one-time costs of an advertisement. Currently, this form of advertisement can be noticed not only among large corporations but also among small companies which highly value its specifications and special merits. You pay for covering the car with stickers once in 5 years and your advertisement reaches a lot of people. We will design your car advertisement with accordance to the graphic design created by our best graphics.

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